Export Wood Floors

Duzfloors the perfect export partner in wood floors

Dutzfloors is located in The Netherlands. We produce a lot of different styles wood floors. With our experience we will serve you as well as possible. We have an extensive range of solid oak plank flooring to budget. So we can meet many needs and offer you the product where you are looking for. In addition to various materials, we also carry out operations include aging, brushing and oils. See below for the possibilities.

We are known for our customer service, professionalism and quality products that we provide. By working with the best materials we can produce high quality wood floors. Our purchasing provides good value for money, so we can always offer competitive prices. In addition, our employees are well-trained experts who understand business. You can trust us to deliver timber to size.

We produce many different types of floor from various types of wood. Robust solid floors, but  also parquet floors and several oak flooring, we can achieve for you. So what wooden floor you need, you will find the right one at Dutzfloors. Customer satisfaction is paramount, we think along with you. For a free quote and other questions please feel free to e-mail us: info@dutzfloors.com or fill in the contactform below. 

Some important details about Dutzfloors 

  • Delivery all over the world
  • European wood floors
  • Inverntory is hold in The Netherlands
  • Custom Made wood floors
  • The production time of wood floors is on average between the 2 and 3 weeks
  • Wood floors length, approxumately 2000-2400mm. With approx. 10% shorter

Production process Dutzfloors 

 Dimensions wood floors

  • Avaliable sizes

                       9+3mm   12+4mm   15+4mm   15+5mm   15+6mm

180mm              X               X              X               X               X

200mm              X               X              X               X               X

220mm                               X              X               X               X

240mm                               X              X               X               X

260mm                               X              X               X               X

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